La pluma es la lengua de la mente.
~ Miguel de Cervantes

Stephanie lives a life of eclectic and ecstatic passion. In no particular order, she is a writer, yogini, musician, teacher, nomad, lover, thinker, reader, dancer. She strives to balance effort with surrender, precision with laughter. Live life, love life, live love.

New? Read the intro.

She has been teaching in some capacity for 20 years, on multiple continents and in multiple languages. Her students have ranged from preschool to retirees, and more often than not she has designed the curricula for literature, writing, Spanish, English as a foreign language, and yoga.

She has also been steeped in personal and spiritual practices her entire life, including studying classical music for most of childhood to living in India to study yoga. She currently leads workshops which draw from all of these practices. She considers learning surrender and vulnerability as crucial elements of living authentically and fully, while cultivating fierce grace.

Other projects:
Blue Spirit Wheel
Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta

About copyrights: Stephanie respects source material and quotes anything not original. Regarding her copyrights, please contact if you’d like to use any of her content for newsletters, websites, etc.

For all inquiries: stephaniefrancesca@gmail.com

Ciao, namaste, aloha, shalom.

SK © 2010


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  1. Tipsy Yogi says:

    Hi SK! hope you are chanting up a storm (but not a tornadic one!) as you tour the west. I know you don’t need this, mainly because you are your own little ball of Sunshine, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. The details are on my blog (http://tipsyyogi.wordpress.com/2013/06/08/rays-of-sunshine/), but it’s totally up to you whether or not you want to participate. You’ll still be my sunshine 🙂

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