Stephanie is also a workshop facilitator. Her workshops usually incorporate guided meditation, group activity, journaling, movement, and music. They hold space for radical visions and expressions. Stephanie’s approach and structure are appropriate for one-time events as well as immersions or retreats. Please contact for scheduling events!

Upcoming workshops:

SK ©2013

SK © 2013

Uniting the Sacred & Mundane
What things are sacred to you? Are they tangible? Intangible? How much are they present in your day-to-day routine? Too often we are disconnected from what we value the most.

This workshop will explore how to hold your various physical spaces—home, office, school, social settings, even transportation—in ways that support and energize your daily life. The intention is to impart ideas on how to forge and strengthen your connection to your sacred, in whatever terms you define it.

Next offering: Tue, 1/14/14 @ 8:00-10:00pm
Yoga Samadhi, 27 Waddell St, Atlanta 30307
more info here

SK © 2013

SK © 2013

Flow > Opposition: Facing Barriers with Compassion & Grace
What are your barriers? How do you face them? Too often we exacerbate, even encourage, our destructive patterns rather than truly nourish ourselves.

This workshop will explore how to confront your shadows constructively, with attention to balancing both compassion and accountability. The intention is to see and heal yourself more honestly, kindly, and effectively.

Next offering: Tue, 2/18/14 @ 8:00-10:00pm
Yoga Samadhi, 27 Waddell St, Atlanta 30307
more info here

Poised to Spring – Harnessing Nature’s Rebirth for Personal Transformation
Do you have clear intentions for yourself? How do you channel momentum for them? How do you manage focus in a world of so many responsibilities and distractions?

This workshop will explore the connection between spring and your personal goals and intentions. Spring is a season of renewal and rebirth, a time to arise, commence, initiate, launch, create, develop, emerge, open, move, and grow. The intention is to cultivate nature and our surroundings to strengthen your own momentum, courage, and energy to manifest your own hopes and dreams.

Next offering: Tue, 3/11/14 @ 8:00-10:00pm
Yoga Samadhi, 27 Waddell St, Atlanta 30307
more info here

SK © 2013

SK © 2013

To register, please email
Preparatory information (to be done before workshop) will be sent upon receipt of payment.

SK © 2013


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